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How AI Came Through Mathematics and Physics

 How Did AI Come Through Mathematics and Physics Click to Read The Complete Journey In the magical realm of human thought, where minds twirl in the dance of understanding, the story of modern mathematics unfolds like a captivating tale told by dreamers across the ages. Picture it as a waltz that travels through time, an epic journey filled with passion and discovery. Back in ancient days, math was just starting to hum its first tunes, whispered by ancient civilizations as they etched numbers on clay tablets. Pythagoras brought geometry into the mix, leaving behind the echoes of triangles that still linger in our minds. Then came a hushed period, a Dark Age for mathematics. Yet, with the Renaissance, the notes of rebirth began to play. Euler and Newton took up the pen, writing equations that sang the poetry of the cosmos. Calculus spread its wings, soaring through the skies, and algebra wove silent tales of mysterious variables. The 19th century quickened the mathematical beat. Gauss, t