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It's my pleasure to offer you these very useful tools which may be used for fun or effective timepass also. 

All the tools are designed for convenience of teachers, students, parents and professionals. With required input as mentioned in the tool itself will display correct results.

Following Tools are available:

1. Global Search Tool

This tool is made for searching any thing on the internet from any search engine of your choice from a drop down list of many search engines. 

First you select the search engine like Google, Yahoo etc from the list. Then write the topic you want to find. Once you click 'Search', it will take you to required window.


2. Age Calculator Tool

This amazing tool will display your age in Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Only inputs you need to feed are your date of birth and the date you are going to find from calender that will be provided when you click respective input boxes. At the end, press Find your age.


3. Word Count Tool

For many reasons we need to count the number of words and characters in any document. This tool will help you to get correct counts of the same. You just need to write or paste the document in input box and click on the button below the box to get required count of words and characters.


4. World at Fingertips

This is a very fascinating tool which will give information like capital, land area, picture of national flag etc of any country that you put into " Name of the country" box and press "Find" button.

World at Fingertips (

5. Physics: Quantity and Unit Tool

This tool is very helpful for the students, teachers and parents to learn CGS and SI unit of any physical quantity. Users only need to write the quantity in specified box and click " Find unit" button.

PHYSICS : Quantity and Units (

6. Solid geometry Formula Tool

Anybody including students and professionals may need mathematical formula to find volume and surface area of any solid object. Selecting the required solid from the drop-down menu you can get the formula to find its volume and surface. It includes most of the regular shapes of solid.

Solid Geometry Formula (

7. Image Modification Tool

We can change the background of any selected image (Vector and jpg) to any colour of our choice. The image with changed background can be viewed without downloading.

Image Modification Tool (

8. Special Website Explorer Tool

This is a very useful tool for anybody and everybody. One can get websites of any country on any topic and service available including government departments and police stations of any country. User has to select the country and required service from drop-down menu. On clicking "Search" button the registered websites will be displayed in a new window.

Special Website Explorer (


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