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How AI Came Through Mathematics and Physics

 How Did AI Come Through Mathematics and Physics Click to Read The Complete Journey In the magical realm of human thought, where minds twirl in the dance of understanding, the story of modern mathematics unfolds like a captivating tale told by dreamers across the ages. Picture it as a waltz that travels through time, an epic journey filled with passion and discovery. Back in ancient days, math was just starting to hum its first tunes, whispered by ancient civilizations as they etched numbers on clay tablets. Pythagoras brought geometry into the mix, leaving behind the echoes of triangles that still linger in our minds. Then came a hushed period, a Dark Age for mathematics. Yet, with the Renaissance, the notes of rebirth began to play. Euler and Newton took up the pen, writing equations that sang the poetry of the cosmos. Calculus spread its wings, soaring through the skies, and algebra wove silent tales of mysterious variables. The 19th century quickened the mathematical beat. Gauss, t

Journey of Mathematics: From Stone Age to AI

 Evergreen Journey of Mathematics: From Stone Age to AI Click to Read From Beginning   Post - 15 (Closing Post of the Journey) (....Continuation from Post - 14) Click to Read Previous Post 7.4. Key Concepts in AI Mathematics Embarking on the riveting journey of Artificial Intelligence (AI) mathematics unveils a tapestry of key concepts that breathe life into the realm of machines and algorithms. At its core, AI mathematics is a symphony of precision, logic, and the magical dance of numbers that transcends mere calculations. One fundamental concept that sets the stage for AI brilliance is "Machine Learning." Picture a mind that evolves, learns, and adapts - just like a human brain, but in silicon form. Machine Learning allows algorithms to decipher patterns, learn from data, and make decisions without explicit programming. Take recommendation systems, for instance; they analyze your preferences, predicting what movie you might love or the book that could steal your heart. Anot

History of Mathematics: Evergreen Journey from Stone Age to AI

History of Mathematics: Evergreen Journey from Stone Age to AI Click to Read From Beginning  Post - 14 ....Continuation From Post - 13 Click to Read Previous Post CHAPTER 7   Mathematics in the 21st Century   The 21st century has witnessed profound achievements in mathematics, particularly in complexity theory, chaos theory, and the development of artificial intelligence. Mathematicians and scientists have unraveled the intricacies of complex systems, revealing the underlying order within chaos. Simultaneously, AI technologies have advanced at an astonishing pace, with mathematics serving as the foundation for machine learning, deep learning, and data-driven decision-making. This century has been characterized by the exploration of complex systems, the understanding of chaotic phenomena, and the integration of mathematical principles into AI technologies. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into these pivotal areas of mathematical achievement in the 21st century, w

Communication Technology: The Flight to Future World

Communication Technology: The Flight to Future World In the delicate dance of human existence, there exists a silent maestro that has orchestrated our narrative, giving voice to the unspoken, bridging distances, and etching our dreams onto the canvas of time. This enchanting maestro is none other than the symphony of communication technology, a melody that has resonated through the ages, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. In the Heart of the Ancient Canvas: Imagine the dawn of our journey, where whispers between kindred spirits were etched onto the walls of caves. In the flickering light of torches, symbols and gestures spoke of connection, of shared experiences beneath the cosmic tapestry. The world was a canvas awaiting the brushstroke of expression. Quill and Papyrus, Scribes of the Soul: As centuries pirouetted forward, the Sumerians took center stage, casting their enchanting spell with cuneiform writing on clay tablets. The ink of the quill became the river

History of Mathematics: Evergreen Journey From Stone Age to AI

 Evergreen Journey of Mathematics: From Stone Age to AI Click to Read From Beginning  Post -13 ....Continued From Post - 12 Click to Read Previous Post Non-Euclidean Geometries: Beyond Euclidean Space: The development of non-Euclidean geometries challenged the long-standing assumption that Euclidean geometry was the only valid system for describing the properties of space. Mathematicians like J├ínos Bolyai, Nikolai Lobachevsky, and Bernhard Riemann explored geometries that departed from Euclid's axioms, opening up new avenues of mathematical exploration. Hyperbolic geometry, developed independently by Bolyai and Lobachevsky, proposed a geometry in which the parallel postulate does not hold. In hyperbolic space, the sum of angles in a triangle is less than 180 degrees, and an infinite number of parallel lines can pass through a point not on a given line. Non-Euclidean Geometry Riemannian geometry, formulated by Bernhard Riemann, introduced the concept of curved spaces, challenging t