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Global Food Inflation and Food Crisis: Causes and Consequences

The Looming Global Food Crisis: Understanding the Reasons and Ways to Resolve Introduction Food is a basic need for every living creature including human being. The world is witnessing an increasing trend of food crisis. It's a crisis that puts millions of people, particularly those who are already in vulnerable conditions in great and long-lasting trouble. In this real-time blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this crisis and the possible ways of improvement. It is essential to view this issue from a humanitarian perspective to assess the full extent of its consequences and initiatives towards solutions that can help minimizing the suffering. Past performance suggests slowing growth in agricultural productivity may lead to higher prices in global commodity markets. Higher food prices are especially costly to low-income households, who already spend a large share of their income on food. Historical improvement in agricultural productivity led to declines in inflation

Vertical Farming: Way to Ensure Food Security

Vertical Farming: Reaching New Heights for Food Security and a Sustainable Tomorrow In the ever-advancing realm of environmental consciousness and the preservation of resources, vertical farming emerges as a promising antidote to the escalating appetite for sustenance while mitigating the ecological footprint of conventional agriculture. It stands as a testament to the human flair for adaptation and prosperity in a world in constant flux.   Vertical farming, an ingenious agricultural practice, entails the cultivation of crops in stacked, vertical tiers, harnessing modern marvels like artificial illumination, climate control, and sophisticated hydroponics or aeroponics systems. This futuristic agricultural paradigm has garnered considerable attention in recent times due to its capacity to confront diverse challenges linked to traditional farming, such as land scarcity, climate perturbations, and the efficient management of resources. Vertical farming epitomizes a radical shift in